Terms and Conditions


All orders accepted by Infomedia Digital Ltd. are subject to these terms and conditions of sale, which supersedes any previous terms and conditions. We have made every attempt to ensure that Information on this website are accurate, legal and current.

Buying Online:

When you intend to make payment and click on Buy Now you are directed to Paypal secure payment area. Your credit card payments are processed by Paypal. Once the orders are processed the goods are posted to you to the address you provide.

Are my Credit Card details safe?

All Card details are securely processed by Paypal. We do not receive or store this information. We only receive a confirmation whether the transaction is authorised.

Privacy Policy:

We hold your details under the Data Protection Act 1998. The details are going to be used to update you regarding our future products and any further updates and communication as and when necessary. You may choose to be removed from the list by requesting us in writing.

Terms & Conditions of Workshop Bookings

These terms and conditions outline the process and policies applicable to bookings made on our workshops and the steps to follow if you are unable to attend a booked workshop. Please read them carefully.

Please note: For the purposes of this policy document a ‘participant’ is defined as anybody who has made a payment towards a workshop.

Event Booking Changes

A participant may change an event booking by notifying Infomedia Digital ltd in writing.

1.  If notification is received more than 14 days before the event there will be no charge

2.  If notification is received less than 14 days before the event the following rebooking fee will be applicable to cover administration and venue costs:

o £15 to rebook next workshop

o £25 to rebook on to all other workshops

Missed workshops

If for any reason a participant misses a workshop they have booked, Infomedia Digital ltd reserves the right to offer the participant the opportunity to book a similar future event with a discretionary discount of 50% off the full price of the workshop being rebooked on.

1. Requests for discretionary discounts must be made in writing within 28 days of the missed event.

2.  In a request please include:

o Name

o Date of the missed workshop

o Description of the exceptional circumstances leading to your absence

o Date of workshop you wish to attend if a discretionary discount is awarded

3.  Discretionary discounts are not guaranteed, and are assessed on a case by case basis

Payment Plans

1. Final payment for a workshop must be completed 1 calendar month before that workshop begins.

2.  When a deposit is made and the balance of payment is defaulted on the participant is not eligible to attend the course until full payment has been completed.

3.  The deposit will remain available towards any future rebooking made within 12 months of the original booking date. However the participant is no longer eligible for any discount offered at the original time of booking.


A participant may cancel a workshop booking by notifying Infomedia Digital ltd in writing, more than 14 days before the event starts.

1. They are eligible for a refund of monies paid, less:

o The minimum non-refundable deposit, as specified in the Payment Plan

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on all our workshops.

1.  To claim this, if a participant is unsatisfied with the value they received from one of our events, the participant must inform the facilitator on the day of the workshop to request this

2.  The participant must then put the request in writing within 48 hours of the end of the event

3.  Participants must have attended the full program for this offer to be valid – partial attendance invalidates the guarantee